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Dear Internet,

From what we know about Facebook it is very much the place people go to pretend that their life is great even when it isn’t. This has had an unforeseen consequence for the general populace who report that being on social media makes them feel worse about themselves.

My life, like everyone else’s, is a total train wreck. I am not smooth, I don’t have an amazing career, I am terrible at sports, I’m not tall, I don’t have a semblance of a fashion sense, I am not rich, as far as looks go I’m about a six, I’m culturally trapped in the nineties, and at times I can be totally neurotic and insecure. And even though I can say this, I realized I had an opportunity to help others.

What if once a week I bared my soul in the most brutally honest way possible and shared literally my deepest ugliest secrets about myself that I would never want anyone to know?  And what if I then posted it on Facebook for the world to see?

And with that my weekly series, “If I’m Being Completely Honest”, was born.

To my utter surprise and mild horror I have quite easily been able to fill a year’s worth of embarrassing truths and jarring confessions in the form of 52 short-form Facebook updates. Being the accident on the side of the road people can’t look away from in their Monday newsfeeds has made these posts extremely popular among what I thought were my friends and my family.

Anyway, given the success of these disturbing admissions I have decided to delve deeper into each and every truth bomb, in the form of expanded blog entries on this site. My goal is to try and get one up every two weeks but let’s see if I can beat that.

So sit back relax and prepare to feel genuinely uncomfortable and somewhat gleeful that you’re not me.

All the Best.

Joe Cianciotto