About Joe Cianciotto

Thought I would share a little bit about myself. First off my name is Joe Cianciotto and I am a lifelong New Yorker, born in Brooklyn but raised in Strong Island.

In spite of my Italian heritage I completely butcher my own last name when I choose to say it in my ancestor’s native tongue, which sounds more like chi-an-chi-otto. You kind of have to sing it a bit or else you end up sounding like you’re having a seizure.  I therefore, opt to go with the safer and slightly pathetic American pronunciation, which sounds exactly like the following phrase, “See Anne, See Otto.”

It’s not pretty, but it works.

I have spent the last two decades in the advertising industry, working my way up from presentation designer to Executive Creative Director. Given my career trajectory I am sure it won’t be long until I am once again a presentation designer.  In the last twenty years I have gotten to work at top agencies that include DDB, Publicis, Translation and most recently my own consultancy L360. Most of the time “consultancy” is a euphemism for being unemployed, but shockingly in the last two years I have managed to be incredibly busy with a vibrant and active client roster. Again, nobody is more surprised by this than myself.

Being an Italian and being from New York it’s kind of a prerequisite that I move no more than three miles from my parents’ house and go there for dinner every Sunday night. And yes we eat pasta.

I have an incredibly understanding wife Jen and two beautiful daughters, Hannah and Sophie who remind me every day what really matters in life. For Jen and I, those two nuggets are our everything.

Other than that I try to amuse myself with stupid things like this blog, my mild obsession with eighties hair bands and Indy comic books.

By Joe Cianciotto, NY